VIAGS endeavors to become one of the best ground services companies in Asia.
To provide quality aviation services in accordance with international standards meeting the customer needs through an effective corporate governance system and advanced resources.
For the community:
Providing services with high quality for the development of the society and industry.
For the airlines, customers:
Providing reputable, reliable and effective services.
For the company members:
Providing a professional, dynamic and efficient work environment associated with the member’s responsibilities, rights and interests.
Core values
Core values
The highest safety index, outstanding quality services, guarantee of the reliability indicators of our services, sustained improvements of customer credibility are objectives that VIAGS always tries to maintain and commit to customers and airlines.
Job values, professional ethics are always prioritized so that all VIAGS members are profoundly aware of duties, responsibilities, devoted to work and thoughtful towards customers.
VIAGS is the mixture of the consolidation - outstanding characteristics in the supply chain services of each airport will be selected, inherited to synchronize towards an overall high-quality service system of VIAGS.
Human is the center of the development strategies of VIAGS – taking care of customer by emotions, understanding, and commitments; taking care of staff as a valuable asset to foster, develop, recognize the contributions fairlyand humanely.
Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company Limited (VIAGS) is established on 01/01/2016 on the basis of merging three ground service providers NIAGS, DIAGS and TIAGS.