Quality guarantee

Appoint a member of the Board of Directors to be responsible for maintaining and operating the Quality Management System.
Operate a proactive and effective Quality Management System with outstanding actions.
Providing quality, consistent and standard services.
Establish a clear, timely, accurate and appropriately secure information system.
To provide sufficient and appropriate resources for supplying services and the effective enforcement of policies and Quality Management Systems.
Ensure key positions directly involved in supplying services are fully trained, have skills and experience appropriate to the assigned job positions.
Do not accept cases where employees work under the influence of stimulants or have behaviors or attitudes that disregard security and safety measures.
Continuously uplift the Safety and Quality Management System to improve operations and business efficiency, meeting the increasing requirements of customers and relevant authorities.
Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company Limited (VIAGS) is established on 01/01/2016 on the basis of merging three ground service providers NIAGS, DIAGS and TIAGS.